About Our Brand

 Designer "thatdudebarry" has launched a Contemporary Fashion brand, Amitié, bringing comfortable and high quality fabrics as well as unique silhouettes made for the runway as well as the bedroom. We are creating a catalogue highlighting camp collars, silky smooth fabrics, versatility, and minimalism. From silk bandanas to blankets to trousers- the comfort and functionality is their main focus.


AMITIÉ means friendship in French, the language of love. The idea behind this brand was created to use style and clothing to express everything friendship means to us. Whether its missing them during a pandemic or supporting them during these socially trying times- we've come to realize friendship, love, empathy, and compassion is going to be what saves us and gets us on track. We're in a country where most of us are descendants of other places. We do our best to balance staying true to our culture and also being proud of being American. With everything going on in places like Yemen, Armenia, Palestine, Hong Kong, and with issues like racism, sex trafficking, sexual harassment, police brutality, etc. everyone has something that is near to their heart. We want to spread awareness and positivity to help however we can, but it can seem so difficult to be heard. AMITIÉ is here to show you that you have a Friend in us, and we'll use our voice and creativity through fashion to take initiative in speaking up for our friends who need it.